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Kids can experience anxiety and depression just like their older counterparts. When mental health issues arise, Victor Abdow Jr., MD, Azra Jagani, MD, and Amita DeSouza, MD, of Abdow Friendship Pediatrics in Rockville, Maryland, are here to help. Simply visit the online booking page to schedule a visit or call the office to check appointment availability. 

Anxiety & Depression Q&A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural and necessary part of human life. It’s the process that alerts you to danger and triggers the fight or flight response present in all human beings.


However, in people who experience chronic anxiety, those feelings of stress, danger, or fear persist long after the triggering event has passed. In some cases, there is no clear cause of anxiety, but children feel uneasy regardless. 


Some children go through a period of intense anxiety but move beyond that phase relatively quickly. For others, anxiety persists for a long time and can even remain with a child into adolescence and adulthood. 

What are some signs of anxiety and depression in children?

Knowing the signs of anxiety and depression can help parents decide when to seek treatment for their child. 


Some of the symptoms of anxiety in kids include:


  • Being fearful of separation from parents or caregivers
  • Abnormally pronounced fears of being at school or in other social settings
  • Fear that something bad is going to happen
  • Fear of specific things like spiders or swimming
  • Repeated episodes of sudden, intense fear that is not clearly linked to a source


Some of the symptoms of depression in kids include:


  • Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Problems paying attention
  • No interest in fun activities
  • Eating more or less than normal
  • Sleeping more or less than normal


Parents should keep a close eye on their children to check for these changes. Of course, occasional fear or sadness is just a normal part of life, but some kids have an abnormally high experience of these symptoms. 

When is the right time to seek help for anxiety or depression?

It’s important to pay close attention to your child’s mood and behavioral shifts. While childhood is a time of heightened emotions, some kids struggle more than others. 


If you’re concerned about signs of anxiety or depression in your child, schedule an assessment at Abdow Friendship Pediatrics. Your pediatrician can discuss your concerns and help ensure you get the support you and your child need to navigate anxiety and depression. 


There are many treatments that can help. Medications are a good fit in some circumstances, but drug therapy is never the sole treatment approach. Behavioral therapy or counseling can help your child build the skills they need to cope with adversity and regulate their mood. 


Of course, schedule a diagnostic exam immediately if a child expresses thoughts of self-harm or begins exhibiting behaviors like cutting, scratching their skin, or pulling out their hair.


Booking a visit is fast and easy online or over the phone. The team at Abdow Friendship Pediatrics is standing by to assist in any way possible. 

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